Hummingbirds Feeding in The Texas Coastal Bend Area

September is coming, and you know what that means in the Coastal Bend: The fall migration of the beautiful Ruby-throated hummingbird.

And no one celebrates hummingbirds better than the Rockport-Fulton area with the Hummerbird Celebration, September 13-16 at Rockport-Fulton High School.

Coinciding with the Hummerbird Celebration is the monthly Rockport Fulton Market Days weekend, September 15-16 at the ACND Festival Grounds at Rockport Harbor. Scheduled for the third weekend of each month, the intersection of Market Days with the Hummerbird Celebration is sure to turn the region into a hub of activity.

Let’s take a look at seven activities that will get us excited that weekend in September:

  1.     Hummingbirds Galore!

The 30th anniversary Hummerbird Celebration includes field trips, boat trips, and self-guided tours to see the hummers stocking up at feeders as they prepare for the long trip to their winter home. Local homes and businesses plant and maintain their yards year round to attract hummingbirds so that it is possible to see more than 100 hummingbirds in one yard. Follow the signs to Hummer Host Homes.

  1.     Chow Down on Texas BBQ

Our iconic local event deserves an iconic Texas feast – homemade BBQ. It’s part of a special celebration for this year’s event. Or take a 4-hour brunch boat ride on The Skimmer that offers extensive birding alongside a delicious meal.

  1.     Nature Will Be on Display

Hummingbirds are just one species of birds that frequent the Coastal Bend. While you’re at the celebration, veer off to birding, hiking, and kayaking trails on the Aransas Pathways.

  1.     Expert Speakers are Part of the Celebration

Information and tickets are available for programs, workshops, and trips featuring expert speakers and guides.

  1.     Learning While Celebrating

The migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird through the Rockport Fulton area was first documented by Connie Hagar in 1938. Betty Baker and Jesse Grantham and others began developing this event with the intent to bring attention to all birds and the bounty for birders in the Aransas Bay area. There is so much to see and learn about during the Celebration.

  1.     The Best Market Days on the Texas Coast

The Rockport Fulton Market Days are gaining a reputation across East Texas. Why? Maybe it’s the quality of the 160 artists, craftspeople and other vendors, and more than a dozen food vendors. Maybe it’s the child- and pet-friendly atmosphere. Maybe it’s all of the natural beauty surrounding the event.

  1.     Live Music and Relaxation

The Rockport Fulton Market Days provide a musical accompaniment to all the browsing and shopping. Six canopied areas allow visitors to escape the sun and take a load off while enjoying a musical interlude of diverse styles.

The folks at Rockport Properties love these events and all the great recreation opportunities here. They have been serving the Aransas Bay area for 25+ years and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for it with local residents and those moving in. With two conveniently-located offices, it is part of the heartbeat of Rockport. No one knows the real estate market here better than they do. Give them a call at (361) 729-6500.

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