As the “dead” prepare to take over the Live Oak Peninsula and little ghouls and ghosts are released to wander the streets looking for goodies, it’s up to us as mummies, daddies and care-givers to ensure our candy-craving children are safe this Halloween.

As we at Rockport Properties prepare our pumpkins and fill our candy cauldrons for the inevitable visits from our local witches, warlocks and werewolves, we would like to remind everyone of a few quick tips to ensure that our little ones have a safe and howling good time this Halloween. Rockport Properties presents 4 things to consider for a safe but hair-raising Halloween.

Staying Visible

Rockport Trick-orTreatingOne of the most important things to consider each and every Halloween is visibility. Not only making sure that your child can be seen by others, especially vehicles, but also making sure that your child can see where they're going. Equip your trick-or-treaters with a flashlight, glow-stick or reflective tape to make sure everyone can see where your trick-or-treater is heading. Choose a costume that opts for bright colors where possible and leave the darker outfits for the daytime celebrations at school or home parties.

Costume Comfort

Choose a comfortable costume for your child that doesn’t restrict movements or restrict their vision. Leave the cumbersome clown shoes behind in favor of comfortable footwear and opt for face paint over vision restricting masks. Costumes should be short enough to reduce the chance of a tripping hazard and any accessories like wands, swords, broomsticks or hooks should be soft and without sharp points that could potentially injure your child or someone else.

Planning Your Route

Take some time to plan your trick-or-treating route a few days in advance. It’s a good idea to walk the route during the day ahead of time so that everyone is familiar with where they’re going and how long they’ll be out for. Remember, little legs tire easily (especially burdened by a pillowcase full of candy) so you want to make sure your little "pumpkin" isn’t tiring out too soon. For those old enough to venture out on their own make sure they’re familiar with the community and set a time for when they’re due back... they can always head back out for another round once they check in.

Sorting the Goods

Halloween in Rockport TexasWhile we’ve all heard the horror stories and urban legends about Halloween candy being tampered with, it’s always a good idea check through all the candy before the kids tuck in to their loot. Sort through the collected candy and discard anything that looks suspect, has a loose wrapper or is missing it’s packaging altogether. If your child must have an energy boost to help spur them on to the next house, keep a few of your own candies from home tucked in your pocket and hand them out as needed. While it’s unlikely that someone would maliciously tamper with children’s candy, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have any tips to keeping our little Rockport trick-or-treaters safe on the streets this October 31st, we’d love to hear them! Have a scary story to tell or a favorite costume you’ve worn or seen? Tell us about it! We love Halloween on the Live Oak Peninsula and we love to hear from you! We at Rockport Properties wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween and please feel free to bring us any left-over treats… we’ll gladly help to alleviate your candy consumption.

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