At Rockport Properties, Inc., we’re your first stop for waterfront homes in the Rockport area. Our agents have decades of experience with the ins and outs of waterfront real estate, and can help you get that beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico that you always wanted.

Waterfront property comes with a few unique areas you need to pay attention to as a potential buyer. Here are a few of these to keep in mind.

Property, Not Structure

It’s common for buyers to become enamored with a waterfront house – so enamored, in fact, that they forget to consider all the other property elements that go into buying on the waterfront. Things like swimming, the view, privacy and numerous other considerations go into your decision, and they have to be factored in before you fall in love with the structure itself. You can always change the house, but you can’t change the location.

Match Your Lifestyle

You may find the property of your dreams one day, but what if it’s 45 minutes from your place of business? Or what if you’re a big deep-sea fisherman, but the property you find is half an hour from any ocean access? Consider the parts of your lifestyle that matter most, and factor these in.

Talk to Neighbors

Neighbors are the perfect people to ask if you need insider information about an area. They can tell you about the community, any issues with your property or surrounding ones, or if there are any problems or ordinances you need to know about regarding the waterfront. Neighbors almost never have outside motives, so you can be sure you’re getting a real picture.

Get Ahead of Insurance

Waterfront insurance can be more complex than standard situations. You may have to buy more than one policy (things like flood policies are more common), and there’s a chance these may not come through the same insurer. Get out in front of any of these concerns well in advance before you lock in.

Look Into Loans Early

Down similar lines, looking into financing for a waterfront property is vital. Many will fall under the jumbo loan category, in which case you’ll need strong qualifications to be approved.

If you have any questions here or on any of our other services, the brokers at Rockport Properties, Inc. are standing by.

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