Former MLB pitcher is fishing guide in Rockport

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Twelve seasons, one all-star game and a world series championship later, Texas native Norm Charlton resides in Rockport where he reminisces about his glory days on a fishing boat with people he doesn't even know. 

"I'm a baseball player, I'm not a businessman. I had the talent and I worked hard to be able to play baseball, but I saw no reason ever for me to wear a suit," said Charlton.

So, he started his fishing guide business Big League Adventures back in 2009.

He says his baseball experience helps him on the water.

"If we come out here and we don't catch a fish, I've got to be prepared to come catch fish the next day. I have to look back at that situation just like I look back at baseball and say, 'Okay why did I not catch fish, why did those other guys catch fish? What were they doing, where were they fishing?'" said Charlton.

The Rice University alum is just as good at fishing as he was at baseball. 

When KRIS 6 Sports went out on a fishing trip with him, the day ended with seven total fish. Charlton said his main goal is to give people a fun experience.

Charlton said, "You'll be saying, 'I went fishing with Norm Charlton when I caught my first fish on a boat in Rockport, Texas."

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