It’s no secret that Rockport and the surrounding region has some fantastic fishing spots and a wide open ocean from which we can take a bounty of fresh seafood to serve on our tables at home. But what do you do when you just have that craving for the freshest of seafood and can’t be bothered to cook for yourself or you family? You take in one of the many fantastic Rockport restaurants that offer a seafood menu and dive right in! Here’s a quick glance at some of our favorite Rockport seafood restaurants.

Latitude 28° 02’

Combining a high-end seafood restaurant with an upscale art gallery, Latitude 28° 02’ offers a diners the unique opportunity to sample some of the finest seafood dishes in the area while surrounded by the works of local and regional…

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Rockport's HummerBird CelebrationLiving along the Central Flyway bird migration route has its perks, and those perks are pretty evident in the fall months; especially for those that love our little feathered friend the hummingbird. Every year sees the incredible fall migration of a multitude of birds including shorebirds and raptors, but the main attraction has to be the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Thousands of the buzzing and energetic fliers flock to the Rockport and Fulton coastline on their yearly migration from their northern summer homes to their winter getaways in southern climes and they love to call in to our fantastic city for a pit stop on their journey… and why not? Who doesn’t love Rockport and Fulton?

Rockport and Fulton will celebrate the 27th anniversary of the…

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