Golf Course fairway with water feature in Rockport, Texas

One of the countless outdoor activities people love to do during the tourist season in the Texas Coastal Bend is playing golf. Nestled between Aransas Bay and Copano Bay on the Texas Live Oak Peninsula, Rockport Country Club boasts spectacular views that prompted the Dallas Morning News to name them one of our state’s 50 best private golf clubs.

But before you throw your clubs and shoes into the car, you want to be properly provisioned for golf the Gulf Coast way. The folks at Rockport Properties recommend you consider these 12 golf bag essentials before hitting the links.

  1.     Binoculars

More than 500 species of birds and other wildlife are found in the coastal area in and around Rockport Country Club. Waterfowl and songbirds use the area along their migratory path, so you never know what you’ll see. Come during the winter and feast your eyes on the nearly-extinct whooping crane, which stops over here on the way farther south.

  1.     Tees

For 10 bucks you can get a 200 pack of high-quality tees and never have to worry about losing one or six. Go for the neon plastic or the old style wood.

  1.     Spare gloves

Another no-brainer: everyone knows you should have an extra pair on, well … hand.

  1.     Towel

Sure, you want to keep your clubs clean and your golf balls dry, but there’s another reason to carry a good micro-fiber cloth – it’s hot! Many golf towels come with snaps that allow you to attach them to the outside of the cart.

  1.     Sunscreen

May we get serious for a moment? Skin cancer is a dangerous disease and  reported cases are on the rise. Burned red skin isn’t a sign of fun in the sun; it’s a danger sign. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you head out for a round and reapply on the 10th hole.

  1.     Bug Spray

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the blood-sucking mosquitos, which have been known to drain alligators and carry off babies – or so we’ve heard. Keep yourself safe with the only thing that has been clinically proven to ward off biters and stingers – DEET.

  1.     Umbrella

Weather systems are unpredictable around here and you don’t want to leave the course just because of a 15-minute downpour. Make sure you have rain protection when you need it. Just don’t use it in a thunderstorm unless you aspire to a career as a lightning rod.

  1.     Back-Up Socks and Shirt

There are not many worse feelings than heading into the club after a round wet from the rain and sweaty from the sun. Ditch the soaking shirt and socks and put on a new pair.

  1.     An Insulated Water Bottle

Did we mention it’s hot here? You’re more likely to drink water if it’s cold and it’s yours, so fill up a good insulated bottle and bring it along.

  1.  Energy Bars

To keep your energy level high so you’re killing it on the back nine as well the front.

  1.  A Divot Fixer

Be kind to the foursome behind you and clean up your divots for real, not with your spikes. It fits easily in golf your bag.

  1.  Business Cards

The golf course is the ultimate networking opportunity. After you drop the putt, seal the deal!

Rockport Properties loves the Aransas Bay area for all its many benefits – including all the great golf. That’s why they have been serving it for 25+ years. With two conveniently-located offices, it is part of the heartbeat of Rockport. No one knows the real estate market here better than they do.

 Golfing in Rockport

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